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The bucket elevator is a kind of mechanical conveying equipment of fixed device, which is mainly applied to the continuous vertical lifting of powder, granular and small pieces of material. It can be widely used in the promotion of bulk materials such as feed plants, flour mills, rice plants, oil plants, starch plants, grain depot and port wharf.

The bucket elevator is used to elevate the granular materials, such as limestone, coal, gypsum, clinker, dry clay and other granular materials, as well as raw material, cement, pulverized coal and so on. According to the different speed of the hopper, the bucket elevator can be divided into three forms: centrifugal unloading, gravity unloading and hybrid unloading. The speed of the centrifugal discharge is faster. It is suitable for conveying small and cut materials such as powdery, granular and small pieces. The gravity type discharge is slow in bucket speed. It is suitable for conveying lump, large proportion, large and cut and cut material, such as limestone and clinker. The towing components of bucket elevator include ring chain, plate chain and adhesive tape. The structure and manufacture of the chain are relatively simple, and the connection with the hopper is also very strong. When the material is transported and polished, the wear of the chain is small, but the weight of the chain is large. The plate chain structure is relatively strong and light weight. It is suitable for the hoist with large lifting quantity, but the articulated joint is easily worn, the structure of the tape is relatively simple, but it is not suitable for transporting the material with large polish, the temperature of the ordinary tape material is not more than 60 C, the steel rope tape allows the material temperature to reach 80 C, and the heat resistant adhesive tape allows the material temperature to reach 1. At 20 C, the temperature of the materials conveyed by ring chain and plate chain can reach 250 degrees Celsius.