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Electric hoist

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The earliest lifting equipment appeared in ancient China and Europe. It is a kind of tool similar to "roller" to transport people and goods vertically. In modern times, we used to lift cargo as a wooden ladder, which is very inconvenient to use and dangerous when climbing. In March 23, 1857, a five storey shop in New York, USA, installed the first passenger elevator using Otis safety device. The original lift is driven by a steam engine, so the building must be equipped with a boiler room. In 1880, the German SIEMENS invented the use of electric elevators. Since then, the use of lifts has been widely accepted and developed at a high speed. Domestic production.

Electric lift, the product model is different, the lifting height is 4 meters, 6 meters, 18 meters. Foreign hydraulic system, pumping station system, hydraulic system explosion proof device and hydraulic self locking device are selected. It has the advantages of novel design, reasonable structure, lifting and balancing, simple operation, convenient maintenance, and other products which can not be replaced. It is widely used in factory maintenance, industrial installation, equipment maintenance and property management, warehouse, aviation, airport, port, station, machinery, chemical, medical, electronic, electric power and other high altitude equipment installation and maintenance.